of Global Commerce

We are Crowdz and we are the new change agent in the global B2B marketplace. Now buyers, sellers, and funders can interact in the Crowdz Exchange™, a digitized business network for moving products, expediting transactions, and accelerating vital cash flow. Imagine being able to immediatly access working capital from your active POs and invoices. Imagine doing it in just 3 clicks. That’s what Crowdz is bringing to the table.

“Working with Crowdz, we are pushing the boundaries.”

– Barclays Bank
We’re freeing
up valuable
working capital...
power to the people!
How does it work? Your fundable POs and invoices are automatically entered into the Crowdz Invoice Auction. Here investors bid on your POs and invoices and then you
  • Click to view your bids.
  • Click to select a bid.
  • Click to fund.
1,2,3 done, eliminating those all-too-often cash flow log jams. That’s pretty cool... but that’s not all.
Crowdz also provides marketplaces to buy and sell products and powerful tools to do business faster, simpler, and with greater efficiency. The global marketplace will never be the same. Power to the people!