Amp Up
Turn up the volume in your business Loud Designed for businesses wanting to get immediate cash for their POs & invoices at the most affordable
financing rates possible. 1
Louder Created for businesses that not only want upfront cash for POs & invoices, but that also want to sell more & sell faster to customers. Loudest Designed for businesses that want to boost their bottom line by digitizing, optimizing, & accelerating their entire supply chain.
Monthly price FREE $199/mo $399/mo
Free PO/invoice digitization, block chain transport,and posting on the Crowdz Invoice Auction 2   
No charge to you for POs & invoices sold through the Crowdz Invoice Auction 3
Unlimited PO/invoice auction postings—sell which ever POs/invoices you want, with no minimums
Unlimited product uploads, and unlimited suppliers 7
Free product uploads to all relevant Crowdz product marketplace(s) 4          
Free product uploads by all suppliers within your supply-chain network 4                 
Transaction fee (depending on volume) 5        2% - 5% 1.5 - 4%
Transaction fee (depending on volume) charged to your suppliers for all products they sell to you within a Crowdz supply-chain network 6            1% - 2.5%

1. Normally, PO/invoice sellers will receive cash in the proffered amount of funding within 24  hours of the closing of a PO/invoice auction.

2. “Free digitization” applies once any external PO/invoicing/accounting systems are integrated with Crowdz. Depending upon the complexity of the integration, an integration fee may apply.

3. Depending upon the outcome of an auction, PO/invoice funders will likely require a small discount fee. As a PO/invoice seller, you are free to accept or reject any proposed funder offer or fee.

4. “Free product uploads” applies once seller’s or supplier’s product catalog is integrated with the respective Crowdz marketplace product taxonomy (i.e., product categories & attributes). Companies must bring suppliers onto a Crowdz supply-chain network for those suppliers’ products to be uploaded to the supply-chain network.

5. The referenced Crowdz transaction fee applies to all products companies sell to their customers through a Crowdz marketplace. The transaction fee applies to the total value of the transaction, excluding any taxes and shipping fees. Depending on the payment method used, you also may be charged a separate payment-gateway fee by a third-party payment processor.

6. The referenced Crowdz transaction fee applies to all products that your suppliers sell within a Crowdz supply-chain network. Depending on the payment method used, suppliers also may be harged a separate payment-gateway fee by a third-party payment processor.

​7. Suppliers may be charged a one-time integration fee and nominal monthly maintenance fee depending upon the complexity of the integration.