The Crowdz executive team offers more than 90 years’ combined senior-level experience in supply-chain management and operations, B2B & B2C ecommerce and ecommerce marketplaces, Internet-based transactions, and blockchain.

Payson Johnston
CEO & Co-Founder

Payson Johnston has 20 years’ senior-level supply-chain management experience, serving most recently as Senior Manager for Global Supplier Management for Cisco. Among other responsibilities, in this position, he developed and drove the commodity strategies for five global supply chains. He also designed one of the first-ever online supply-chain management systems, which is still in use today. More recently, he oversaw the development of the first-ever blockchain-based supply-chain marketplaces for processed raw materials.

Kevin Hopkins
Chief Technology Officer

Kevin Hopkins has more than 20 year’s experience in Internet and ecommerce strategy & development. Most notably, he managed strategic-marketing & product-development initiatives for enterprise SaaS provider Intacct, which recently sold for $850.00 million. He also has directed Internet & ecommerce initiatives for eBay, IBM, Nu Skin, Overstock, Toyota, & many others. Prior to his work in the Internet industry, he was senior economist in the White House Office of Policy Development and senior economic-policy counselor to the U.S. Federal Home Loan Bank System.

Severo D’Souza
VP, Engineering

Severo D’Souza has 20 years’ experience in data analytics, & big data for such companies as Apple, Cisco, & PayPal, as well as for other demanding clients such as the NFL. He is the founder & CEO of TrellisSoft Inc., a global application & blockchain developer headquartered in San Jose, Calif. Most recently, he architected and led the development of the first-ever blockchain-based supply-chain marketplaces for processed raw materials.

Steven Lee
Chief Operations Officer
& Co-Founder

Steven Lee has 15 years of hands-on supply-chain management & finance oversight in the military, aerospace, & high-tech industries. Most notably, he managed two mission-critical global supply chains for a leading computer-components manufacturer. He has also managed supply-chain operations for Cisco, Dell, and Honeywell, and is a combat veteran from the U.S. Army.

Kurt Rayners
Chief Financial Officer

Kurt Rayners has more than 20 years’ experience in financial management & planning for enterprise. SMBs, & startup firms in the technology, entertainment, & commercial-products industries. Most recently, since 2010, he has been President & CEO of Residual Consulting, Inc., a San Diego-based financial- management consultancy focused on accelerating business growth for SMBs & startups. Previously, he was a senior studio-planning executive for The Walt Disney Company, and was Vice President for Operations at Regency Lighting.

Clay Dedeaux
Senior Director, Sales & Service

Clay Dedeaux has 20 year’s experience in senior account management for large technology firms, with specific expertise in leadership, strategy building, and execution. He has led award-winning, cross-functional teams at such leading technology firms as Logitech, NEC, NetApp, & Polycom, and has built and led Crowdz’s global support & sales operations from their inception. While at Crowdz, he has completed hundreds of sales at enterprise, SMB, & startup companies in a wide variety of industries.

Tom Underwood
Chief Design Officer

Tom Underwood has more than 20 years’ experience in software, web-application, and mobile design in both B2B and B2C environments. He specializes in presenting key functionality in highly usable and intuitive interfaces for small-space environments. Over his career, he has directed more than 800 interface, design, and branding engagements that have generated more than 600 million user interactions for such clients as AOL, AT&T, Autodesk, Bing, Blackberry, Boost Mobile, Coach, Dell, Estee Lauder, Garmin, Givenchy, Intuit, NBA, Nike, North Face, Panasonic, Phillips, Samsung, Sony, and Victoria’s Secret.

Richard Xiao
Director of Business Development,
China Region

Richard Xiao has 17 years' experience in the telecom & datacom industries, with expertise in leadership, strategy development, supply-chain management, R&D, data center architecture, and global commodity management. Most recently, he served as the Group Manager of Global Supplier Management for Cisco in Cisco’s Shanghai, China, offices, and, before that, he worked in senior-level technical positions at Zhongtian Technologies, Alcatel-Lucent, and Tellabs.

Roland Chi
Director of Business Development,
Korea Region

Roland Chi has 15 years’ executive-management experience serving as Managing Director for a real-estate investment, development & management firm overseeing an $100.00 million commercial portfolio of retail, recreational, & other properties located throughout the Western United States and South Korea. Additionally, he was the founder of a South Korea-based IoT (Internet of Things) property-management technology startup company incubated by the Seoul Metropolitan City Government, and he served as a staff member in the California State Assembly specializing in international commerce.

Shahnawaz Sheikh
Director of Business Development,
India Region

Shahnawaz Sheikh has more than a decade of enterprise e-commerce experience in both B2B & B2C environments. He also has worked extensively in marketing & promotion, having served as a Chief Marketing Officer in the clothing industry as well as executing strategic-marketing roles for a number of omnichannel brands that have sold millions of dollars in merchandise. In addition, he was instrumental in the development of the Sears e-commerce marketplace as well as of several flash-deal sites that went on to sell collectively more than $100.00 million in fashion & home-goods products.